Flowers Flowers

Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea is Lovingly brewed fresh
with real Chrysanthemum flowers. Enjoy!

  • Premium Chrysanthemum - Grade A Hangbaiju flowers (杭白菊)
  • Simple goodness - Chrysanthemum flowers (菊花), Sugar (糖) and Fructose (果糖)
  • Cooling & refreshing
  • No added preservatives, flavourings, colourings

*AC Nielsen Market Track for ASD, Jun 2019

Flowers Flowers

Yeo's Soy bean drink is lovingly prepared fresh
with premium whole Canadian soy beans. For your enjoyment!.

  • 100% Plant-based protein
  • Wholesomely simple - Soy beans (黄豆), Sugar (糖), Flavours (香料)
  • Naturally lactose free, cholesterol free, trans fats free
  • No added preservatives & colourings